The power of nature

Welnig is redefining the limits of personal care with a revolutionary range of natural, organic and vegan sanitizing cosmetics that deeply cleanse the hair and skin.

Our commitment to a green philosophy meets the needs and expectations of an increasingly demanding and environmentally aware public. That’s why our formulas are specifically designed to offer pleasant treatments that care for the health of the hair and skin while respecting the environment.

We’re standing side by side with people, committed to the present and future of our planet. We believe in a cohesive world, where all its inhabitants live in perfect harmony. We’re committed to a world where cooperation among people is the driving force of a sustainable planet, which respects animals and protects nature.

Mother Earth offers us her wisdom and natural wealth, and we must be worthy of the gift she gives us. We extract the power of the organic actives present in natural ingredients, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of people’s health and the sustainability of the Planet.

We want to be part of a better world.

Why Welnig

Introducing a highly antioxidant and sanitizing natural, organic and vegan option, designed to deeply cleanse the hair and skin. Thanks to the properties of an exclusive natural biocide, Welnig Organic Sanitizer products act against infection-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Formulated with high-performance natural ingredients, the products have extraordinary cosmetic properties that protect the beauty of the hair and skin, providing well-being and pleasure. They also stand out for their hydrating, nourishing and anti-aging action.

Because for us, caring for your body hygiene means caring for your health and that of others. Make the most of people’s company by feeling good inside and out.

Quality & Innovation

We strive for excellence and the highest quality in all our products. Welnig is committed to products combining innovation with organic actives present in its ingredients of natural origin, carefully selected for their efficacy and high performance.
We extract all the benefits that nature gives us, to bring quality and wellness to people's lives. We transfer the magic of Mother Earth to our laboratory, where we design innovative products that guarantee deep cleaning of the skin and hair.

Natural origin

Formulas designed with ingredients of natural origin. We collect all the good things of the planet to offer high-quality, high-performance products that deliver maximum efficacy. We present an organic and vegan option, which are very healthy and pleasant for the hair and skin.
Welnig Organic Sanitizer line has 3 exclusive organic actives provided by the Earth: grapefruit seed, reishi extract and olive oil.

We extract from the wise nature the power of the grapefruit seed, a natural biocide which acts as a powerful antimicrobial with great virucidal, disinfectant and antiseptic effect.

Reishi extract, known as the mushroom of immortality, helps the immune system for its antiviral effect. It has a great anti-aging and repairing power.

Olive oil, one of the wonders of our admired Mediterranean ecosystem and lifestyle, offers some fantastic cosmetic properties. It stands out for its antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle power.


The planet looks after us and we must do the same for the planet. Our philosophy is based on respecting the environment and natural surroundings that give us health and life. We’re also committed to pleasant products that respect consumers, with ingredients providing gentle care for the hair and skin.
We are grateful for what nature provides us and we feel responsible for its preservation, that is why we work with collaborators who guarantee a sustainable manufacture of our formulas.

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