Hand sanitizer gel

5000 ml

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing solution.

63,80 IVA incluido

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing solution for deep cleaning of the skin. Thoroughly cleans hands without rinsing. Saving format, ideal for refilling smaller packages.

Apply a small amount on dry hands and rub for about 30 seconds: palms, back and in between of the fingers. Let dry. Do not wash hands after use.

Its formula includes 3 main active ingredients of natural origin:
· Hamamelis extract: antiseptic, anti-aging and softening.
· Lemon balm extract (Melissa extract): antimicrobial, antioxidant, relaxing action.
· Calendula extract: antimicrobial, moisturizing and soothing skin action.
Contains 70 % ethanol for hygiene and deep cleaning.

· Frequent use
· Leaves hands clean and soft
· Does not weigh down hands
· Suitable for all types of skin
· Fast dry


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