Nature’s best to look after your health


Organic sanitizer

Sanitizing cosmetics of natural origin

The Welnig Organic Sanitizer range is especially suitable for preventing and removing microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Thanks to the powerful sanitizing action of the natural biocide in its formula, it ensures deep hygiene and cleansing, as well as providing wonderful beauty-enhancing cosmetic properties.
The innovative combination of its 3 exclusive organic actives present in its natural ingredients, offers a powerful antimicrobial, virucidal, antiseptic and antioxidant action.

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Hydroalcoholic solutions

Welnig Hygienic is our range of gel and spray hydroalcoholic solutions that ensures deep cleansing for the hands, surfaces, surroundings and clothes. A wide range of formats and sizes that adapt to different hygienic uses. The 3 main active ingredients of natural origin provide a combination of antiseptic, antimicrobial and hydrating properties.

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Welnig Organic Sanitizer: El poder de lo natural

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